About Me

A: I am athletic

B: I am a boy

C: I play hockey for the Cincinnati swords 

D: I have 2 dogs

E: I go outside every day

F: I love to watch football

G: I have a dog named Gunner

H: my favorite sport to play is hockey

I: have a brother named AJ

J: I like to tell jokes

K: I am kind

L: I laugh a lot 

M: I watch major league baseball

N: I am nice

O: I am on a travel hockey team

P: My name is Peyton

Q: I am not quick at running

R: I am right handed

S: I have a dog named Sarge

T: I am tenacious

U: I am well understood   

V: I am very good at sports

W: I like to go places with my family

X: I like playing Xbox and PS4

Y: My hockey teams colors are yellow and blue

Z: I like going to the zoo with my family

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